Everyday Decorator is a guide to bringing you the very best affordable home décor stores in Melbourne and beyond. Providing you tips and tricks and sharing my home decorating ideas for inspiration. For more information, visit the articles section of the website.


I would like to take you on a journey bringing you the latest and best affordable home décor’ stores in Melbourne and beyond. Sharing my experiences with you of decorating my home.

I am an Accountant by trade and completely passionate about home décor. I love sharing great home-decorating ideas as well as my own decorating adventures with you. Everyday Decorator is a place to celebrate wonderful customer service, affordable home décor, ideas, inspiration and providing tips and tricks in decorating your home.

If you enjoy home decorating just like I do and know of wonderful home décor stores that have great customer service and affordable home décor I would love to hear from you. Similarly if you are a small business that specialises in home décor and would like me to visit, would love to connect with you. 

- Everyday Decorator xx

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"Don't buy everything at once. Not only will you have buyers regret but all the fun is gone if you do it all at once.

~Everyday Decorator
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